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  • This price for all the product includes VAT & Additional Tax.
  • We will not supply fireworks to person under 18 years of age all special offers subject to availibity, while   stocks last.
  • Octroi will be collected from the purchaser during the time of delivery.

Before purchasing the products from our site, kindly read our terms and conditions carefully. By accessing this Web Site you agree to follow the terms and conditions of Sriram Fireworks Pvt Ltd. 


Governing Law & Jurisdiction :

This site is developed, maintained and controlled by Sriram Fireworks pvt ltd. The laws of India shall apply and courts in Rajkot shall have jurisdiction in respect of all the terms, conditions and disclaimers. 

Sriram fireworks pvt ltd reserves the right to make changes to the website and the terms, conditions and disclaimers at any time and without information to the customers/users of the services/website of Sriram fireworks pvt ltd. 

Please read this Agreement and Disclaimer carefully. If you do not accept this Agreement, do not use a service or buy product from Sriram fireworks pvt ltd. 


Products :

Material on the Sriram Fireworks Pvt Ltd contains general information about the products.

You may display, download and print material from the Site, such as store locations or product descriptions, solely for your personal, non-commercial use only.

For bulk Purchase and Company Orders (with valid documents), Contact us through Mail.

Specifications and Product information are subject to change without notice.


Shipping :

Now we deliver the products only in India. We use our own vehicles to deliver the products in time (depending upon the destinations).

SMS(Short Message Service) :

This service is just to provide information to the user but this services may get delay / in appropriate / out of control. User should just take it as a service not a proof of registration confirmation / order confirmation / dispatch / delivery of the product or service provided by Sriram Fireworks Pvt Ltd.


Product Delivery Time :

We at Sriram Fireworks Pvt Ltd, take all necessary steps to deliver the product safely and securely to your address.

We Delivery time will vary depending on location of the customers. Only after receiving the payment, we dispatch the goods. 

We delivered your order as soon as possible (Depending upon the Location).

Product Delivery :

Delivery Charges varies depending upon the location.


Personal Information : uses your personal information to promote our products, announce latest product details, inform you about our special products & offers and provide you with better services. We assure you that we have taken all necessary steps to protect your privacy and the information you provide will not be given to any third parties.


Delivery Policy :

When the payment is transferred (credited) to our bank, we start the work of dispatching the goods. We are not responsible for the Dollar value hike / decline during the transaction. 

We are not responsible for any delay / non-delivery of goods to the customers due to natural calamities or any cause that is beyond the control of Sriram Fireworks Pvt Ltd.

Sriram Fireworks Pvt Ltd is not responsible if a non-delivery occurs on account of a mistake in your side (i.e. wrong name or address). Any extra cost incurred for this re-delivery shall be claimed from the customer placing the order.

Limitation of availability : 

All prices, unless indicated otherwise are in Indian Rupees. The availability of products is subject to change without prior notice and orders can be cancelled if the product goes out of stock.

Due to heavy load on courier service because of festival season delivery may get delayed.


Cancellation Policy :

At, if you have to cancel a order than you have to tell us through email within 24  Hours from order time.

No cancellation will be allowed post 12 hour from order time. 

Refund policy:

At Sriram Fireworks Pvt Ltd, you can be very sure of getting all the items that you had order with us. Occasionally in case of any failure (we are not able to deliver the crackers), you shall be entitled for a refund and the queries will be addressed within 24 hours. If you are entitled to a refund, we will refund via bank account transfer, through the account used at point of order, within 30 days beginning with the day on which the notice of refund was communicated to you through email.

Orders will be shipped within 7 business days. For any queries, kindly contact the No. provided in the contact us page. The orders will shipped ONLY to the Delivery address provided by you, in our database.


Due to heavy booking during festive seasons like Diwali, some products may be out of stock. In such cases, inspite of non delivery or cash refund, we will supply you a different product with the same matching price. 

Safety Tips :

All accidents due to fireworks occur as a result of carelessness, negligence and ignorance. But these can certainly be avoided by observing some very simple precautions. All of us enjoy the pleasure of light and sound but when disaster strikes the injured has to bear the cross. If you're going to set off fireworks at home this year, please take a few minutes to read through the guidelines.

  • Store your fireworks safely : In a closed box, somewhere cool and dry, out of reach of children and animals and away from all sources of heat, until the time they're needed. Locked away is best. Don't keep the box under the stairs or in a passageway.
  • Pets hate bangs and flashes : Pets get very frightened on fireworks night, so keep all your pets indoor and close all the curtains to make things calmer. Remember it's not just your own fireworks that cause distress, so you may have to have your pets indoors on several nights when other displays are taking place.
  • Think ahead and be prepared : Have a full bucket of water handy for any emergency, and for putting used sparklers into. Never try to re-ignite the fireworks that don't light in the first instance. Never give ANY firework item to small children. Never throw fireworks at another person. Never carry fireworks in your pocket. Never shoot fireworks from metal or glass containers. Never experiment, modify, or attempt to make your own fireworks. Never use a sparkler in the middle of a large crowd. Try to light the fireworks & crackers biggest open space and safest surroundings.
  • Watch what you wear : Loose clothing can very easily catch fire, and should not be worn near any fire or fireworks. Long dangly scarves can be risky too. If anyone's clothing does catch fire, follow the rule: Stop - Don't run. Drop to the ground. Roll to put out the flames.